Our Favourite Day of the Week

As I go into the schools to do Open The Book, I can guarantee that I will hear the following phrase each week, usually in more than one of the schools.  ‘Today is our favourite day of the week as it’s time for Open The Book’, or a similar phrase.  This can come from a member of staff or one of the thousands of children we see each week.

This is always nice to hear, not because we want to be loved (!) but because we love the Bible stories that we tell, and it’s great that the people hearing them, love them too and really look forward to us coming in.  With fewer and fewer children attending church, it’s a great opportunity for us to share the most wonderfulness of all to a an audience who can’t wait to hear it.

In one of my schools, as the other classes were filing into the hall, a teacher came up to me with a 9 year old girl. The girl explained that her mum had booked a dentist appointment for that time meaning the girl would miss Open The Book that week. She was so upset that she burst into tears and told her mum that she would have to book a different time as there was no way that she wanted to miss Open The Book as she loved it that much! I’m pleased to say the mum was happy to do so.

We believe Open The Book is not only fun but can give the children hope for the rest of their lives and shows them how much God loves them which is a really important message if they are going to be the best they can be.


Written by Andy Avery