Expectation vs Reality

If anyone has the Pinterest app they will know that it is an incredible resource for finding all sorts of creative ideas.  I use it a lot for different youth resources and games and particularly for craft activities.  However, they never end up looking quite as good as the pictures on Pinterest! The reality of what I create does not live up to the work of art I am told I can make. My expectations don’t match up with reality.

This week Paul and I have been in a local school running a prayer and reflection space for their students.  Before they went in I began by asking, ‘what are your expectations of what a prayer and reflection space will be?’ A lot of the responses suggested that the room was going to be cold, empty with a place to sit, do some writing and frankly be a bit boring.  Thankfully as the students left they said that the room was far better than they were expecting.  Their expectations didn’t match up with reality!

In the prayer and reflection spaces we run there are a number of different activates for the students to engage with.  These challenge them to think about what is going in in their lives, the lives of others, and try out prayer for the first time, if they want to.  In this weeks’ Prayer Space there were amongst other things, a fishing net, an inflatable dinghy, and iPods – quite different to what the students were expecting.

It has been really encouraging to watch the students take some time away from their busy lives and have a moment to be still and reflect.  Students have let us know that they no longer see prayer as a boring enterprise, but something that enables you to ask for help, for hope and discover more about who you are and what Christians believe.


Written by Nick Sherratt