Volunteering with 'Open The Book'

Open The Book is reliant on some amazing volunteers who have a real passion to share the good news with children and are willing to give time each week to do so. We are so grateful for those that can do this as we couldn’t do it without them!  It is with some sadness, that we have to say goodbye to one of our longest Open The Book (OTB) volunteers, Barbara,  as she moves away from Chester. We thought it would be a good chance to ask her some questions about what volunteering means and why she has done it.

1. How long have you been doing OTB and at which schools?

I started Spring 2005 with Pam Newton at Waverton Primary School .  3 years later joined Andy Avery at Barrow.   June 2010 took on Saighton C of E primary school as well.

2. What made you volunteer originally?

A presentation of telling a story Open the Book style was made at church one Sunday, Waverton Evangelical.  I love reading stories with expression and thought I would love to do that, so I asked how could I get involved.    A meeting with Pam Newton took place and we started a new team at Waverton school.

3. What is the best thing for you about OTB?

I do enjoy telling marvellous true stories and parables in a fun and engaging way.  It is good to be part of a team and a movement which is national giving us credibility .   The children so enjoy the assemblies which are geared for them, so they smile and greet us making us feel welcome.  I believe we do make them think about God and His love for them.

4. Why do you think it is important for CSCW to do OTB?

I know there is less and less Christian input in assemblies.   Christian standards are worth talking about and encouraging children to live by them is for everyone's good.   Pupils and teachers need to be offered an insight into their spiritual side.  CSCW allows for this throughOTB assemblies.   If any child or adult wants to talk further then team members could assist.

5. What can we pray for you as you move away from Chester?

I would value prayer for school involvement.   My god daughter is school secretary at junior school.  Her 2 daughters attend primary part and she is hoping I will volunteer to listen to children reading.   I realise schools are always keen to accept volunteer help.    Because the Woking area is heavily populated compared to Waverton, there may well be groups of children who need input from me.    Please pray I am sure where best to spend my time.

If you would like to volunteer or find out more about what it would involve then please contact Andy on 07531512371 or andy@cscw.org.uk